Strengthened through experience on IP and SoC verification projects, AEDVICES Consulting proposes trainings in Verification Methodology and SystemC / TLM.


AEDVICES Consulting proposes trainings oriented for:
  Design engineers with verification activities
  Design engineers who want to interface with verification teams
  Verification engineers who want to improve their methodology knowledge
  Experienced Verification engineers who want learn advanced technics
  Team leaders who need verification comprehension

Referenced by Datadock, French companies can contact their OPCA to obtain funding for our trainings.


Our Trainings

Download the trainings brochure

Our trainings are developped to give you knowledge in:
  Introduction to Methodologies and Techniques for IP & SoC Verification
  Advanced Verification Methodologies and Techniques for IP & SoC
  Introduction to SystemC / TLM
  Modelling for Verification
  Planning for Requirement Based Verification
  Reusable Verification Techiques

Labs use a unique dual-core SoC platform to illustrate the main concepts both at IP and SoC levels.

Training Access Time

  The usual time to access to a on-the-shelf training is 1 month. This time may vary depending on the demand.
  The usual time to customize a training is 1 to 2 months depending on the level of cutomization which is required.
  Should you have any urgency, feel free to contact us, we will see how we can arrange.

Disability and adaptations

  Trainings are given through visual materials, text, diagrams and through an oral speech from our trainers.
Should you have any disability which may require us to adapt our trainings, let us know and we will work with your employers and our patners to find the best suitable solution.

On-Site Trainings

On-site trainings can be given for groups from 4 to 10 trainees. The program can be cutomized on request and will be subject to a dedicated quotation.

Verification methodology trainings

Trainings can also be part of an on-site training + ramp-up coaching package

Inter-Company Trainings

Your employees can join our inter-company trainings.
Dates to be confirmed soon.


AEDVICES Consulting is registered as a training organisation  by the DIRECCTE Rhône Alpes